The Art of Touch will consist of lecture integrated with hands-on labs.  Exercises are done in pairs and large groups.

The workshop will enable participants to incorporate shiatsu treatments into their work which will enhance the participant’s ability to comprehend the Shiatsu principles, and fundamentals.

Target Audience:  This course is provided to massage therapists or Asian body workers. Students of bodywork with knowledge of anatomy and physiology are also welcome.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of anatomy and physiology required. Understanding of Asian medical theory helpful, but not required.

Objectives: At the completion of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss a basic understanding of Asian bodywork, 4 Pillars of Assessment, the 8 principles, yin/yang theory, associations, and 5-element correspondences, and Qi, as it pertains to Shiatsu
  • Recognize and manage contraindications
  • Identify the 12 primary meridians along with the basic points used for specific conditions in a treatment
  • Apply the basic fundamentals of shiatsu (breathe, bodyweight, perpendicular pressure, support hand, attention, intention, compassion, simplicity, relax and have fun) while conducting a shiatsu treatment
  • Assess a client based on the 4 Pillars of Assessment and 8  principles
  • Incorporate shiatsu routines into participant’s existing bodywork sessions using shiatsu techniques and principle

Students comment on Dee’s Courses:
“Thank you! I really enjoyed myself. You are a delightful, energetic, instructor.”  – Myers, Pre-acupuncture student

Loved the class because you kept it moving and were very intuitive about what the class needed to know. Also you made me feel comfortable and confident that I can use the techniques for family, friends, and patients. (but not in an official capacity). Thanks for everything! You have great compassion and a great sense of humor! Plus you are so knowledgeable that it’s inspiring for someone (me) that comes at this with a very limited background in bodywork.  -student

I thought this workshop was amazing. I want to learn more. I loved your humor to explain things.  – C. Terrell, Physical health and Wellness, Program coordinator

“Dee was fun, energetic, a great instructor; She made me want to take more classes. I would recommend to other body workers as well as people who do not do bodywork.”  -C. Holt (Massage therapist)

“Great sense of humor, Made learning fun. Obviously passionate about her work – which makes us want to be passionate about our work.”  -student

Wonderful presence and energy, great relaxed yet professional presentation, made it look effortless.  -K.  Zeigler, Nurse

I loved this class. Dee was great. She made sure everyone understood what was talked about, I hated giving up my weekend, but it was well worth it, and I would do it again.  -student

Dee is a wonderful Instructor. She obviously knows her craft and can convey it in understandable steps. She has a wonderful sense of humor.  -student

Dee has such great knowledge and experience to bring to the class. Her enthusiasm really helped keep the class energized and flowing.  -student

“Excellent class, You put everyone at ease, and makes it easy to learn. Density of material was excellent.”  -Larry Dupris, massage therapist

“So knowledgeable! so supportive.”  -Elizabeth Martin, CMT

Respect and love were apparent throughout the class; Format and flexibility positive aspects of instruction (also humor); Pacing good.  -S. Szczybor