We’re proud to offer Shiatsu sessions. Please contact us if you have any questions about how these services can benefit you.


servicesShiatsu is a form of acupressure that originated over 200 years ago in Japan. It is now used worldwide to manage pain and maintain health. It employs gentle and rhythmic pressure on acupressure points and pathways extending over the body. Shiatsu differs from Western massage in that it is performed without lotions or oils. The client is fully clothed for the session which is done on a mat on the floor.

Using the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, Shiatsu allows the practitioner to stretch and loosen muscles and connective tissue which improves blood flow to the heart and the movement of lymph fluid throughout the body. Oxygen and other nutrients then move more freely to reach cells and tissue. A relaxing and revitalizing experience is the result for the body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu has an impressive range of effects and benefits.

Physical Benefits
Relaxation And Stress Reduction Relief From Muscle Tension
Increased Ease Of Movement Promotes Better Breathing
Increased Blood Circulation Circulation Of Lymph Fluids
Improved Posture Improved Immune Function
Improved Digestive Function
Mental Benefits
Relaxed State Of Alertness Greater Ability To Monitor Stress
A Calmer Mind
Emotional Benefits
Feeling Of Well-Being Enhanced Self Image
Reduced Anxiety Awareness Of Mind-Body Connection

Your first Shiatsu session will last approximately 90 minutes and a complete assessment will be taken. Thereafter, sessions will take about 75 minutes. Please download our Intake Form and bring it with you to your first session.

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow for stretching and movement.  You will remain fully clothed at all times.

For frequent clients, schedule 5 sessions now and get a 25% discount!
Gift Certificates are available.

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