Clients Speak

If you have never experienced Shiatsu or a massage you simply must treat yourself and a loved one to the wondrous event. – Michael Jones

I truly believe that I would not be as active today without Dee’s healing hands, and my body can tell when an appointment is overdue. I have also observed that my blood sugar levels are affected favorably by my sessions with Dee. So, regular sessions with Dee have become part of my health regimen.
– Josie Thompson

Before I met Dee, Shiatsu meant to me really deep and sometimes slightly painful body work. Dee showed me that Shiatsu can be gentle and still tremendously effective.
– Amber Scott

Dee gives amazing relaxing shiatsu massages.

Great service provided from a wealth of knowledge and in a very relaxing atmosphere. I have recommended Dee to others.
– F.H.

My job requires that I carry a lot of heavy equipment and work long physical hours on the weekends. Coming to Columbia Shiatsu on Monday  mornings helps to release the tension, work out the sore muscles and start the week relaxed and refreshed.
– Kyle B.

Dee has a gift for intuitive understanding. Combined with her skill as a practitioner, this “feel” for the person she is treating allows for the most effective treatment possible. I always feel listened to and heard – and Dee offers wise advice about salves, ayervedic remedies, and other supportive modalities. I have a regular appointment, every two weeks. And, I have recommended Dee to many people. She is the “real thing”  – a skilled practitioner with a compassionate heart, an inquiring mind, wit, and wisdom.
– Helen

Dee is great -­‐ it’s like she knows where the pain/stress is without having to ask. – Kathy O

I’ve been seeing Dee monthly for over 13 years and it has been the best investment I’ve made for stress relief and well-­‐being. I truly feel the stress and anxiety I feel leave my body when in Dee’s hands. She has become a good friend and great mentor for a healthier and happier life.
– Glen Swanger